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everest helicopter pick up and drop off

Everest Helicopter Pick Up And Drop Off

Explore Everest Helicopter Pick Up And Drop Off

10 Minutes 5 People max.
$600/charter $200/person
30 Minutes 5 People max.
$1500/charter $350/person
90 Minutes 5 People max.
$3600/charter $1100/person
15-20 Minutes 5 People max.
$1400/charter $300/person
15 Minutes 5 People max.
1250/charter 350/person
70 Minutes 5 People max.
3500/charter 750/person
90 Minutes 5 People max.
3500/charter 800/person
60 Minutes 5 People max.
2800/charter 600/person
1 hr. 45minutes 5 People max.
3200/charter 700/person
75 Minutes 5 People max.
3000/charter 750/person
45 Minutes 5 People max.
3000/charter 500/person
25 Minutes 5 People max.
2000/charter 350/person

Easy Helicopter Nepal offers Everest Heli Pickup and drop off service to and from the Everest region in Nepal. It is a convenient and efficient way to access the Everest Base Camp and surrounding areas, particularly for individuals who have limited time, physical constraints, or prefer a more comfortable mode of transportation.

We provide everest pickup and drop offf service in a very affordable price. Our service covers the everest area like; Everest Base Camp, Namche, Lukla, Syangboche,  Tengboche, Renjo La, Pheriche, Gorakshep, Kalapathar,  Gokyo,  Khumjung, Phaplu, Dingboche, and other places.

Here's how Everest Heli pick up and drop off typically works:

  1. Pick Up: The helicopter service will pick you up from a designated location in Kathmandu, usually from Tribhuvan International Airport or a prearranged helipad. You will board the helicopter along with your luggage, and the pilot will conduct a safety briefing before the flight.

  2. Scenic Flight: The helicopter will take off from Kathmandu and embark on a scenic flight towards the Everest region. As you soar above the magnificent landscapes of Nepal, you will witness breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, and picturesque villages.

  3. Everest Region Landing: The helicopter will land at Lukla Airport or another suitable helipad in the Everest region, depending on the specific itinerary. Lukla Airport serves as the gateway to the Everest Base Camp trekking route.

  4. Time at Everest Base Camp (Optional): If your itinerary includes a visit to the Everest Base Camp, you will have the opportunity to spend some time at this iconic location. It is a remarkable experience to stand at the foot of the world's highest peak and soak in the awe-inspiring surroundings. Note that the time allocated at the base camp may be limited.

  5. Return Flight and Drop Off: After the visit to Everest Base Camp or the designated landing site, you will board the helicopter for the return flight. The helicopter will transport you back to Kathmandu, where you will be dropped off at the initial pick-up location or another predetermined spot.

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